Hello. My name is Christine Mclean. I help organisations undergoing change to get the best out of their most valuable resource… their workforce.

I work differently to many change management specialists…HOW?  I work on change from the inside-out.

You see people make change good or bad, people make organisations responsive to change and adaptable, or make them inflexible and unable to cope with new challenges. I care about how those people are managing. I believe that no-one goes to work to be resistant to change, I also believe that organisations sometimes don’t handle the human face of organisational changes very well,  and don’t consider the impact of this on the mind sets, the confidence and the resilience of their staff.

I design and develop training and coaching programmes that give people practical tools and techniques to manage not only themselves, but others through the difficulties that organisational change can bring. I offer unique support programmes that help people to develop and maintain a healthy resilience during change…. why… because we are ALL so much more than the job we do…