Hello and welcome back to my blog for managing yourself through organisational change

Have you heard the phrase ‘Don’t hide you light under a bushel’ .. well what this means to me is let your skills and talents shine through, If you have not yet read Marianne Williamsons reflections on this click here http://skdesigns.com/internet/articles/quotes/williamson/our_deepest_fear/

It’s interesting that as I travel up and down the country coaching people, I have noticed that fab people doing amazing work, with plentiful skills and talents, find it very difficult to articulate what those skills and talents are. They ‘forget’ somehow and struggle to find the right words. This gets even more lost in the disruption that organisational chnage can bring.

The inner conversations we have with ourselves are the most important ones we ever have. They form how we feel about ourselves and subsequently how we present ourselves to the outside world. If our inner conversations are for example negative; ‘I dont know what I am good at anymore’ or ‘my manager doesn’t appreciate my skills’, then we need to go to work on setting a more positive inner conversation straight away!

How do you do that? We have usually been brought up to think that we are ‘bragging’ or ‘over confident’  if we talk about what we are good at. We can even feel acutely embarrassed if people give us compliments, worst still we don’t hear the compliments, we dismiss them as background noise and miss the opporunity to allow those compliments to filter into our inner discussions.

Are you up for a challenge? First write down all the things you are really good at. Make a long list, not just work skills, write down your personal skills, the talents you have, the abilities you possess outside as well as in work. As you write think of how you know you are good at those things, think of specific times that reminded you of your talents. smile to yourself as you realise how much of this ‘stuff’ you had forgotten. If you are struggling; ask a trusted colleague or family member to help you make the list as long as possible.

NEXT for the next 28 days, notice when your inner conversations are negative, realise how much negative chatter goes on inside you. as soon as you recognise your inner negative chatter, physically stop for a second, tell yourself this isnt helping you or anyone around you, and then think of at least two things you are really good at on your list, remember the examples you gave yourself. Visualise the list if you haven’t got it with you. Then tell say this to yourself  ‘I can change things and I can change myself’

Don’t get me wrong..this isnt easy!, if it was, we would all do it in a flash! And coaches, motivational speakers, self development teachers etc would all be out of work!..

It isn’t easy BUT it is do-able, with practice, with courage and with determination to move forward. The reality is if your ‘light’ is happy under the bushel, if you are happy where you are, and how your work life is going, then leave it there… that is not a problem. ALTHOUGH if you feel your ‘light’ is not being appreciated by anyone ask yourself this… how are you helping others appreciate it, and indeed are you doing all you can to appreciate it yourself?..

Best wishes and good luck…For more information on BOUNCE – increasing resilience and coping with organisational change, please visit my website www.cmcconsulting.org