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Dont forget your life jacket!.

via Dont forget your life jacket!.

Hello! Happy Monday!

The analogy I use about developing personal resilience during change at work is; its like standing up in a rocky boat on the water. To maintain balance, you need to relax and bend your knees so you can roll with the ripples and waves. The other thing that will help you relax more is if you have a life jacket on. Knowing that if a big wave comes and you get knocked out of the boat, you will be able to stay afloat.

Your life jacket in this context is made up of your skills, knowledge, talents, and the positive thoughts and conversations you have with yourself about your ability to handle change. The conversations you have with yourself are the MOST important conversations you ever have, because they form the basis of your attitudes, approaches and beliefs about yourself.

Over the next few weeks I will give you hints and tips on how to develop your life jacket into a robust change management floatation device. Change at work can be tough, its how handle it that will make all the difference.

During change at work,I have noticed that great people forget what they are brilliant at, and what they bring to their organisations. I say forget because it seems to be a gradual alteration of the inner conversations they have with themselves.

Action is the essence of moving forward during change.. Try this action as a starter for ten…Get a piece of paper, A4 size will do, and start to write out everything you are good at, everything you have been told are your strengths and talents, everything you know you do really well. Also write down the things you have done at work or home that have made you proud of yourself. Keep writing and when you think your list is done… write at least three more things that you are good at.. Look at the list and really appreciate how much there is on it!

Its time to remember… you may find yourself very pleasantly surprised at your list.

See you next week… Stay strong!

Best wishes, Christine

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