Hello everyone

This is my new blog specifically created to help those people undergoing changes at work. There is so much change now, redundancy, redeployment and re-organisation. It is everywhere.

I am on a mission! a mission to help people in as many different organisations as possible, to develop and maintain effective resilience levels depsite the changes going on at work. How? I have designed unique training and coaching programmes based on research into human resilience, research into why transition is different to change, and should therefore be managed differently and I overlay all this with powerful personal change techniques.

I work on change from the outside-in! I my blog I will give you helpful hints and tips wether you are a manager of a team, a chief executive or a team member. sign up now for updates and a free newsletter

For more details and a free communication e-book please visit my website at www.cmcconsulting.org

see you soon!